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Sunday, 04 March 2012 06:43

It is not hard to learn how to read body language of a girl to find out whether the girl is attracted to you or not. Most girls are extremely good at reading body language of guys and if you are attracted to a girl she will know about it long before you actually confess you love to her. Guys on other hand are extremely bad at reading body language and that is why many girls say that their boyfriends don’t understand them, because they expect guys to have the same body language reading abilities as they do, but unfortunately only few guys can do that and most of those guys are extremely good with women and are able to attract girls without saying a single word. Anyways in this article I will list the signals girls send when they are interested in you.

Girl’s lips

  • Big smile showing her upper and lower teeth.

  • Girl puts her fingernails between her teeth.

  • Girl wets he lips once in a while.

Girl’s hair

  • Girl pushes her fingers through her hair.

  • Girl throws her hair back.

Girl’s eyes

  • Girl has dilated pupils

  • Girl gazes deeply into your eyes and holds eye contact for longer than usual

  • Girl blinks more than usual when she is around you

Girl’s hands

  • Girl exposes her palms to you

  • Girl touches her breasts with her hands or neck

  • Girl fondles her purse or some other object

  • Girl pretends to look at her watch or phone when she notices you.

Girl’s clothing

  • Girl fixes her clothes when she notice you

  • Girl exposes some of your leg when she notices that you are looking at her

Girl’s voice

  • When talking she matches tone and volume of your voice

  • When you are in a group of people she spends most of the time talking to you instead of other people.

I listed some of the most common signs that the girl is interested in you and if you notice a few of those signs, then it is a good time to go and talk to the girl or if you already talking you can ask a girl on a date or get her number. Reading body language is extremely useful in many situations outside of dating scene and learning it will always pay off.  Later I will post a few more articles on girl’s body language with more detailed information and if you are interested to learn more, feel free to stop by any time.

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