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Tuesday, 06 March 2012 06:12

If you are looking for some random questions to ask a girl, to keep a conversation going into a more interesting direction, you came to a right place. Here I will list 39 random questions to ask a girl. Most of the questions are more or less intrusive and I would advise you to use them only on girls that are comfortable with talking to you.

1.    How important are looks in a relationship?

2.    Do you want to have kids in a near future?

3.    Do you believe in destiny and dreams?

4.    Do you like when people touch you?

5.    Do you believe in a love from a first sight?

6.    Did you ever fell in love from the first sight?

7.    At what age you think girls become mature? How about guys?

8.    What do you think the appropriate age difference between two partners?

9.    How often do you make decisions just based on your emotions?

10.   What do you daydream about?

11.   Who is your favourite movie actor?

12.   Do you have many guy friends?

13.   Did you ever cheated on your boyfriend?

14.   Would date a younger guy?

15.   Do you consider yourself to be a jealous person?

16.   Have you ever been on a blind date? How was it?

17.   Did you ever kiss a random guy?

18.   Do you like going out clubbing?

19.   What was your first kiss? How old you were back then?

20.   Did your boyfriend ever cheated on you?

21.   Did you kiss anyone today? Do you want to fix it?

22.   Have you ever felt attracted to someone much older than you?

23.   Do you like massage? Do you like giving massage?

24.   Did you ever have a one night stand? If you had a chance, would you do it again?

25.   Did you ever consider being a model? How about nude model?

26.   When was the last time when you were rejected by a guy?

27.   Do you take a first step in a relationship?

28.   When do you want to get married?

29.   Did you ever ask a guy out? How was it?

30.   Do you consider yourself to be a romantic person?

31.   Have you ever been truly in love?

32.   Are you a flirty person?

33.   Have you ever been to a nude beach?

34.   When was the last time when you went out on a date?

35.   When was the last time when you had a French kiss with a guy?

36.   Do you like holding hands with a guy?

37.   Did you ever kiss a girl? How did it feel?

38.   Did you ever go skinny dipping?

39.   Have you ever been attracted to your friend’s boyfriend?

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