How to kiss a girl for the first time? Print
Thursday, 08 March 2012 03:20

It can be quite scary moment for a guy to kiss a girl for the first time and this fear is what can force you to make a bad impression during the first kiss. First kiss is very important and you give a girl a lame first kiss then she might reconsider dating or even hanging out with you. Your first kiss should be short but confident and also don’t forget to add some passion to it by looking deeply into girl’s eyes. First of all let’s discuss the fear associated with a first kiss. Most of the fear is associated with not knowing whether a girl will accept or reject your kiss, and whether she will enjoy it. If it is actually the first time you are kissing the girl in your life then it can be even scarier, but you lack of experience shouldn’t stop you from kissing a girl you like because you have to start with someone anyways.

The best way to eliminate most of the fear associated with kissing is by making sure that the girl is ready for a kiss. To so you can start by looking deeply into eyes and then look at her lips while touching her neck and if she seems to be comfortable with that, then it is a good sign that she is ready for a kiss. You can also ask if she likes you and when she does you can go for a kiss, but asking is not necessarily because it might take away some romance. If you are not experienced with kissing girls but you want to make an impression like you are good kisser then when you are about to kiss you can pull her head to you by holding at the back of your head. When you are doing so you need to slightly open your mouth so that she knows what is going on. If you decided to make a head pull move then you do need to be extremely confident and you should to stop worrying about what the girl will think, because if you do everything right the girl will enjoy the kiss and will be waiting for more.

If it is your first kiss, then don’t kiss for more than ten seconds because you want to make her beg for more and this will add much more passion to your next kiss. Also remember to kiss a girl in a lower or upper lip especially if you never kissed before and you have no idea how to kiss properly because when you are moving for a kiss you will not have any time to think.  After you did your first kiss, then you can spend more time kissing when you go for the second one.

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