How to French kiss a girl? Print
Thursday, 08 March 2012 03:59

Some guys think that French kissing a girl is easy and doesn’t require any skills but it is not really true because French kissing is actually quite an art. The irony about the French kissing is that very few people are afraid to go for French kiss but almost everyone is afraid of giving a first regular kiss. It does make a perfect sense because French kiss follows a regular kiss and you should avoid doing a French kiss to a girl you never kissed before. French kiss should follow only after you already kissed a girl a few times and she is comfortable with you kissing her and touching her neck and back.

Anyways let’s take a step by step look at French kissing. The first step is to warm up a girl by giving her a few normal kisses, but make sure that for any consecutive kiss you go for a slightly longer period of time. When you finally go for a French kiss, first start by kissing the girl’s lips and after that you can slowly slide your tongue into the girl’s mouth. With your tongue you should try to massage girl’s tongue and just enjoy the moment. Some people like to close their eyes while French kissing but it is not necessarily, however it does add some passion to the situation. Also when French kissing, don’t forget to pull your girl’s head to yours by holding the back of her head because you need to show a girl that you are in control of a situation.

You can finish a French kiss by giving a girl a regular kiss. In other words the French kiss is composed of three phases: first is the regular kiss, then we have sort of a climax and then you finish with a regular kiss as well. French kissing should be extremely fun and if you are not enjoying it then you doing something wrong, unless you are not experienced. Some guys are afraid that the girl will noticed that they are not experienced but fortunately it is easy to fake experience and if you give a confident kiss, then a girl will never notice it. Another thing you need to keep in mind when French kissing is that some girls will feel uncomfortable kissing in a public and they may reject your kiss. If it does happen, then the best thing to do is to ask a girl if she wants to move to a more a private environment.

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