How to pick up girls in clubs? Print
Monday, 12 March 2012 23:53

Want to know how to pick up girls in clubs without buying them any drinks and without getting too many rejections? Of course everybody wants to know how to do that, but is it even possible? Well guess what, the main reason why girls go to clubs is to meet guys but in most cases they are not able to pick up any decent guys. Ok, so do you follow what am I saying? Basically girls and guys go to clubs to hook up but very few succeed in that, so what is going on?

Girls go to clubs to meet quality guys and to be one of those quality guys you need to be handsome, rich, smart, confident, funny , athletic and you should have a bunch of other traits that normal human being cannot have. No wonder many guys become depressed and start to think that it is impossible to pick up girls in clubs. However the good news are that girls are not logical and you can use this as a short cut to make yourself look in the eyes of the girls, as that perfect quality guy they all are looking for.

The first step is to get some nice clothing and shoes, and it doesn’t have to be brand name clothing as long as it looks nice. In most clubs it is quite dark and as long as you wearing a good shirt with nice shoes, and jeans you already look like that rich and handsome dude all girls dream about, but obviously this is not enough to pickup girls in clubs, because there are will be twenty other guys who look exactly like you. Now I will give you the most powerful way to attract any girl in club. When I use it, girls beg me to dance with them and as soon as I agree they are starting to make out.

This trick is based on social proof theory and what this theory basically says is that people will be attracted to someone when they see that other people like that person as well. That is why girls go crazy about Justin Bieber, and it is not because he is rich or hot. Girls are extremely affected by peer pressure and other’s girls to whom they might never even talked to, that is why we have all those TV reality shows, that from my point of view are quit dumb and useless. Anyways to take an advantage of a social proof, you need to show girls that women find you very attractive in general. To do so, arrive to the club when it just opens, get a drink (preferable water, because you don’t want to get drunk) and just go around a club and talk to as many girls as possible. The trick here is to just slightly make her interested in you and immediately leave by giving her high fives and saying something like “See you around”.

After people started dancing go on a dance floor and find any girl who you think might want to dance with you, it doesn’t matter if she looks average because all you want is to show other girls that women find you attractive. If dance goes well, dance for a few minutes and leave saying a girl that you need to go to a bathroom, smoke or get something to drink. Find a moment when other girls are looking at you and that is the best time to leave because girls will see that you are man of higher quality because you are the one leaving a girl and not another way around.

Wait for a few minutes before going back to dance floor again, and during this wait you can talk to girls who are not dancing, you don’t even have to ask them to dance or anything, just smile when talking and make it look like you know those girls, then give them high fives and go back to the dance floor. After you are back on a dance floor find a new girl and dance with her and repeat a routine. The time to stop a routine is when you dance with a girl you really like and you see that she is all into you. This trick works the best, when you are with a friend but I guess you can do it alone if you are confident enough.

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