How to make your girlfriend miss you? Print
Friday, 23 March 2012 05:23

It might sound quite cruel to try to make your girlfriend miss you, but this is a very important component of every strong relationship. If your girlfriend never misses you then it is an obvious sign that she is not enjoying your company and if you will not do anything about it she will find someone else who can satisfy her emotionally. Another reason why I think it is important to try to make your girlfriend miss you is because it will build more attraction between you two and will also make the time you spend together more special and exciting. People who spend too much time together usually get tired from each other sooner or later and that is why it is very important to give your girlfriend some space and free time.

Anyways let’s talk about what makes one person miss another. First of all it is important to have some attraction and then the second thing we need to make your girlfriend miss you is something that will always remind her of you. I hope you already have some attraction going on between you and your girlfriend and I am not going to cover how to build an initial attraction in this article. However if you are interested to learn how to create the first spark in attraction please feel free to browse our website. So how can you constantly remind your girlfriend about you and how you love her to make her miss you?  Well there are many guys who know how to remind their girlfriends and what they do, they call or text their girlfriends ten times a day and as you already guessed it only worsens the situations. So the better question is how can you remind your girlfriend about your love to her without behaving as a clingy and obsessive guy? Easy, men knew answer to this question thousand years ago and all you need to do is to give your girlfriend some memorable gifts such as flowers, necklace or even a toy.

Yes, it is much better to give girl flowers instead of calling her ten times per day. In other words the point of giving present to a girlfriend is to make her remember some romantic event when you were together and every time she will see a present, she will think about that event and this will make her feel happy and wanting you more. Unfortunately most guys give girls presents to impress them and this usually never makes girls any more attracted to the guys because in their mind they think that the reason why the guy gave the present is to get something in return and that is a big turn off.

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