How to make your girlfriend feel special? Print
Tuesday, 27 March 2012 02:41

The key to a successful relationship is to make you girlfriend feel special like no other guy did. When the girl feels that you are the one who is making her feel special, she will start to build a very strong emotional connection to you and she will never cheat or dump you. The key to making your girlfriend feel special is to notice things about her that very few other guys know. When a girl sees that you notice some small detail about her, she will start thinking that you are truly in love with her because that’s what lovers do.

The number one step that will help you to make your girlfriend feel special is to try to pay close attention to her. For example when you are making out with her, try to notice what turns her on the most. The same goes to discussions and if you see that she gets very excited when talking about travel just introduce this topic once in a while. Also pay attention to smaller things such as her favourite color, flowers, drinks, food and so on. Being in love is about having an intimate connection with your girlfriend and it includes doing things that make her feel happy and excited. Many guys fail to make a girl feel special because all they do is either they are paying attention to other girls or they are just trying to impress a girl by buying her expensive gifts, but unfortunately expensive gift will only show that you are trying to buy her love with money. Obviously later in a relationship buying your girlfriend expensive gifts once in a while is not a problem but at the beginning it is a no-no.

So how can you find what your girlfriend really likes additionally to all the things you already noticed about her?  There are a few sources of information such as her Facebook and her girlfriends. When looking at her Facebook pay close attention to her favourite movies and music. You might also want to watch the movies that are in her favourites, so you have something to add if she starts to discuss the scenes from the movie.  Also don’t forget to do a basic things that make almost any girl feel special such opening a door, giving flowers or leaving her a note. One thing you should remember when it comes to relationships is that you shouldn’t be afraid to show all your feeling to a girlfriend because if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your girlfriend about your feeling, then there is something wrong with your relationship.

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