How to make your girlfriend want you more? Print
Monday, 09 April 2012 01:51

There are a few ways to make your girlfriend want you more than she currently does. The number one reason why girls become disinterested in their boyfriends is because most of those guys are too needy. You are not going to make your girlfriend want you more by calling her ten times a day or liking all her facebook posts. Most girls dislike needy guys because they get a feeling that if you have to call them ten times a day, then it means that you are insecure and this is number one turnoff. Every girl wants to have a super confident boyfriend, who has something else going on in his life besides her. That is actually why girls are so attracted to bad boys and jerks. Obviously you need to make sure that you don’t go overboard with ignoring her and what you actually need is a balance.

Now that you understand how it is important to give your girlfriend some space, let’s discuss what else you need to do to make your girlfriend want you more every time you are away. First of all every time you meet your girlfriend, make it special for her and try to do new things or go to new places, because predictability and stability may kill your relationship. Girls like adventurous and romantic guys, so be one of them to make your girlfriend want you even more. For example, instead of calling her every day, don’t talk to her for a day and then just come to her place, school or workplace with flowers or take her for a date.  If she asks why you didn’t call her, just say that you were really busy with something and that is why you are going to make it up for her right now.

Another important thing to remember if you want to make your girlfriend want you more is that you need to make sure that she never has full control over you. If she can fully control you and get a date whenever she wants, why she would ever be more attracted to you? Most people fall in love when they are away from their lover and that is why having a space between you and your girlfriend is very important. Also when you give presents to your girlfriend, make sure it is something that she always sees and it will remind her of you.

Attraction is not logical and sometimes you need to pull away from your girlfriend slightly to make her want you more then she already does.

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