How to make your girlfriend smile? Print
Monday, 09 April 2012 02:52

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to make your girlfriend smile. When you girlfriend smiles you know that she is happy with you and she is not going to run away to another guy. It is quite a known fact that girls are attracted to humorous guys, who can make them laugh. Smiling makes you feel better and it actually can help to turn the negative conversation in a more enjoyable one. Another thing about laughing and smiling is that it is almost impossible for someone to hold back his smile or laugh, because they usually come automatically.

There many theories about what causes people to smile and the most well know one is that laugh is released when a person’s brain cannot process completely unbelievable facts. By unbelievable facts I mean something that you didn’t expect or something that seems to be out of ordinarily. That is why people falling while walking, missing a seat why trying to sit down or misusing words always makes some people laugh. Using jokes to make your girlfriend smile is also a good idea but you need to make sure that you don’t go overboard with jokes.

The best way to make your girlfriend smile is by misplacing words when describing something to make a conversation more sexual. The main point is to make sure that she is the one laughing and not you and never tell her that you actually intentionally did that to make it funny. Besides misplacing words, you can also try to misplace people, facts, places and time. You also should try to talk confidently when talking to your girlfriend and try to be serious, and this combination of your seriousness and the stupid stuff you are telling her will make her burst in laughter.

What I really like about jokes and humour in general is that you can get intimate and increase attraction between you and your girlfriend, just by making random advances like touching her somewhere and then just turning it around telling her how it was complete mistake and it was not what you tried to do. If you see that she liked what you did, then you can ask her why she is laughing and repeat whatever you did. For example you are sitting together and by mistake instead of putting hand in your pocket, you put your hand in her pocket or on her leg.  To add more fun to the situation try to make a serious face and actually make it look like it was your honest mistake. Being funny and able to make your girlfriend smile does require some practise but it is something that everyone can learn in a very short time.

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