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Sunday, 27 May 2012 02:13

Before you can attract single women and girls in Mumbai, first of all you need to approach them and to do so you need to be able to grab their attention by asking them some question or commenting on something they are wearing. Here I will list some questions that you can use to approach single women in Mumbai in places such as clubs, bars, street, buses, trains or if you happen to meet a beautiful girl on a street.

1)  You: The weather is so cold today; you must be freezing without a jacket.

Mumbai woman: Yes, I am actually pretty cold, I guess I need to check weather forecast before going out next time.

You: Yes you should, because it can be sunny in the morning then you get cold rain in the evening.

Mumbai woman: Yes, I know the weather is crazy, must be an effect of global warming haha.

2) You: What phone is that?

Mumbai woman: It is a Blackberry 9900; I just got it last month.

You: I want to upgrade my phone and my friends suggest that I should get an Iphone, but everyone has an Iphone, so I will probable get Blackberry just like yours.

Mumbai woman: Yes, I know it is crazy, everyone has an Iphone.

You: Can I take a closer look at your phone?

Mumbai woman: Yes, sure go ahead

3)  You: Can I sit here?

Mumbai woman: Yes, go ahead.

You: Thank you, this bus is full today, do you know by any chance at what station I should get up to catch a train?

Mumbai woman: The train station is five stops from here.

You: I moved Mumbai two weeks ago and I am still having trouble remembering all the places.

Mumbai woman: Yes I know what you mean, this city is huge. I moved here few years ago and I am still getting lost sometimes.

4) You: This dress looks really unusual, where did you get it?

Mumbai woman: I got it for my birthday; my friend brought it from Europe.

You: It looks really nice on you, have you ever been to Europe yourself?

Mumbai woman: No, but I would love to go there someday.

You: I been to a few countries there and I really enjoy it.

5)  You: That drinks looks tasty, what is that?

Mumbai woman: It is just a juice cocktail I made at home?

You: How do you like it?

Mumbai woman: It has an exotic taste but I love it.

You: That is nice, I once tried to make cocktail myself but it had a disgusting taste so I had to through it way.

Mumbai woman: Well, I can give you a recipe if you want.

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