How to meet and approach single women and girls in coffee shops? Print
Tuesday, 05 June 2012 04:06

There are many single women who enjoy going to coffee shops, such as Starbucks to enjoy coffee and just to have a good time by reading a book or talking to someone they just met. If you don’t think that single women are interested in meeting other singles in Starbucks, then think twice because if they were going there just to enjoy coffee, then they would just make coffee at home and sit on comfortable coach without ever bothering to go outside.

Approaching girls in coffee shop might be scary at first because you know that you might get rejected. Luckily you can start talking to girl you are interested in way that will protect you from being rejected. For example if you ask a girl for a pen, then there is no way she can reject you or make you feel bad in front of all other people in the shop, because you only asked for the pen and it is completely socially acceptable. On other hand if you just come up to a random girl in Starbucks and you ask for her number then you might in fact get rejected because people feel very uncomfortable about giving their number to the strangers.

Anyways here are few questions and conversation starters that will help you to engage a girl who is sitting in coffee shop into conversation:

Hey, do you have a pen?

Hi, do you know how to access email on blackberry by any chance?

Finally it is a nice weather outside, don’t you think so?

Do you know by any chance until what time the gym across the street is working on weekends?

You look like someone who is in a healthy lifestyle, do you know if the gym in the downtown is open today?

Hi, how is your day, I think I saw you in a gym/beach/bookstore the other day.

Hi, what is your favourite coffee?

Wow, Starbucks coffee actually tastes much better than the one I get from Tim Horton’s.

You seem to be very enthusiastic about the book you are reading.

What are you reading? This title sounds really familiar, is it about...?

Hi, do you mind if I sit here?

That is nice dress, what is occasion tonight?

Are you a dancer? You face seems to be familiar

Hi, did you go to “whatever” university?

Those jeans/shirt looks very stylish, where did you get them?

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