Approach, meet and attract single girls and women in gym Print
Friday, 15 June 2012 00:14

In gym you can find the most beautiful girls you will ever see, because those are the women who take a very good care of their bodies and are enjoying the healthy lifestyle. Approaching and starting a conversation with women in gym might be harder than for example approaching a drunk chick in a club. However the good news are that most girls in gym are down to earth because they are not being approached by a bunch of drunk dudes every five minutes, like in a club’s case, and therefore their guards are down. If you are able to start a conversation with a girl in a gym, it is very unlikely that she will reject or embarrass you and therefore you have nothing to worry. Here are good questions and conversation starters to approach and attract single girls or women in gym or during sport events:

Wow, those are heavy weights

You must be working out a lot

You have a nice abs, what type of exercises do you do?

How often do you come here?

What are you doing after gym?

Do you play any sports?

Are you doing yoga? I think I saw you once in a class

Do you go to university? I think we have the same English class

How many days per week do you workout?

How do you relax after working out?

You look very interested in that journal, what are you reading?

Where are you from? You look European

What music are you listening to? It sounds like Tiesto

Where did you get this mp3 player? It looks really sporty

Is that a protein shake? It smells really tasty

That is a nice tan, did you go somewhere south?

Hi, can you spot me?

Those are nice shoes, where did you get them?

What do you do besides working out?

Do you take any supplements?

Have you ever been to the new beach that opened last month?

Do you like surfing?

You look like a dancer?

That is a nice shirt, my sister got the same one for her birthday and she really likes it?

Did you hear about a new entertainment complex opening next month in South East?

Do you mind if I seat here?

Are you done with this machine?

Can you check if I am doing this exercise in a right way?

Do you have a sister? I have a girl in my social class who looks like you

Do you want to grab a cup of juice after we are done working out?