Approach, meet and attract single girls and women in the clubs Print
Friday, 27 July 2012 01:20

It is not a secret that clubs are the most popular places to meet single girls and women. Clubs are always full of women who want to have fun and meet new guys. However if you ever been to the clubs, you know that those places are very competitive and you need to have at least some game to meet or grab girls’ attention. Fortunately it is not hard to standout among other guys in a club if you wear a right clothes, get a right haircut and most importantly you need to be very confident while in the club without drinking too much. Personally I never drink more than one beer when in a club, because otherwise it will drastically hurt you chances in impressing girls, since you are going to look just like another drunk desperate dude who just wants to get laid.

The number one mistake in the clubs most guys do is that instead of approaching girls directly on dance floor, they just dance around them for 20 minutes hoping that girls will do the first step. This kind of behaviour displays lack of confidence and girls are not attracted to guys who don’t have confidence. However the worst thing you can do on dance floor to lower your social value, is to dance in a circle with other five guys around two girls hoping that something will happen. If you looked at yourself doing so, you would see how pathetic it looks and it is much better to just approach a girls and get rejected than end up dancing in this loser circle.

The number one tip from me is that you should always be direct in a clubs when approaching girls, because otherwise you will just waste your time and girls will leave you since they will start wondering what you are up to. I know, it is not easy to just approach girl in a club since in most cases she will be in a group and you know that bunch of people will see whether you get rejected or not, but on other hand your only choice is to either wait until girls approach you or all girls in a group find guys and one ugliest girl will be left behind - for you.

You approach will also depend on a club. For example in classy club you probably need to have at least one minute of small talk before you make any advances, while in clubs with younger crowd you can make advances as soon as you see that the girls doesn’t mind your company.

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