How to meet girls everywhere you go? Print
Sunday, 20 January 2013 21:25

Some guys have assumptions that you need to go to some places and actually hangout there to meet women. Fortunately it is not really true, yes going to club/bar and hanging out there will increase your chances in meeting girls, but you can meet the same girls while you travel to work, eat your lunch or just go for a walk. Also the quality of women you meet outside of conventional pick up places such as clubs and bars will be much higher. So are you ready to find out how to meet hot girls anywhere you go?

First skill you need to master is to be able to approach and start conversation with strangers. To get this area handled, just try to start 5 conversations with people around you. It doesn't need to be direct and you main goal should be just to stop a person and engage him in 2-3 minute conversation. If you have trouble talking to strangest, start by talked to attractive sellers in malls. However starting a normal conversation with girl you just met will not guarantee that she will give you her number. So to avoid getting rejected when asking for a number you need to make sure she is at least slightly attracted to you. To do so transition from whatever you are talking about with her to something that will show you in positive light. Talk about places you traveled, women that chase you, your friends and so on. When you see that she is becoming interested, start asking her some question to show her that you are not going to go on a date with her just because she is a girl. If she tells you something she does, that you like, it is a good time to say that you don't have much time and you need to leave. Just before leaving tell her that you really enjoyed talking to her and that you would love to meet sometime later. Ask for her number and tell her that you are usually busy but you will give her a call, when you get some free time.

After you get number call her the next day or two and start by telling her some interesting story and after that tell her that you should meet up and that you have something else to share with her. If she agrees-congratulations, if not call her later or go meet another girls, because not every girl will be the perfect match for you and there is nothing you can do about it.

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