Why neediness and desperation drives women away? Print
Friday, 08 November 2013 04:14

Women hate desperate guys and you probably know that, if you ever had to beg girl to go on a date or just to give you her number. Girls will turn immediately cold if they see that you are behaving like she is your last chance to get a girlfriend. There are few reasons why I think girls are completely turned off by desperation, first of all it shows that you lack confidence and secondly it shows that you don't have much success with women. Same goes for neediness, if she sees that she is the only thing you seem to care in your life, she will keep herself away from you, because first you need to get a life and then a girlfriend.

So how to avoid being needy or desperate? Easily first of all you need to act confident and show her that you are the man who knows how much he worth. Secondly show her that you are willing to leave if she in way disrespects you or if she is not mature enough. Obviously this all applies only when you just met a girl or dated her for less than a month. There is a big difference between guys and girls. We guys don't care much about how many other guys find our girlfriend attractive. Girls on other hand become much more attracted to the guy if they found out that other girls want him as well. In pick up community this is called preapproval and means that many women find you attractive and desirable. Desperation on other hand shows that you don't believe that other women desire you and it shows to the girl that you not preapproved and that's why she might lose any attraction she had for you.

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